Una Iberia para Albéniz


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Una Iberia para Albéniz
Diversos compositores contemporáneos

Juan Carlos Garvayo

Una Iberia para Albéniz


CD 1


1.- Héctor Parra (1976-)

La dona d’aigua 12'57"


2.- Mauricio Sotelo (1961-)

Jerez desde el aire o al aire de Jerez 08'14"


3.- Fernando Buide (1980-)

Pico Sacro 06'44"


4.- Gabriel Erkoreka (1969-)

Mundaka 09'29"


5.- Zulema de la Cruz (1958-)

Garajonay 07'35"


6.- Marisa Manchado (1956-)

Costa da Morte 05'24"


total: 50'25"


CD 2


1.- José Luis Turina (1952-)

Homenaje a Isaac Albéniz (II. León) 08'11"


2.- David del Puerto (1964-)

La Cimbarra: Roca Rota (Aldeaquemada, Jaén) 05'25"


3.- José García Román (1945-)

Ecos de la Abadía sacromontana 09'31"


4.- Miguel Gálvez (1974-)

Valencia. Tres Microludios 07'55"


5.- Pilar Jurado (1968-)

Plaza de Oriente 07'18"


6.- Jesús Torres (1965-)

Monegros 06'42"


total: 45'04"


Juan Carlos Garvayo, Piano


Una Iberia para Albéniz is the result of custom made by the Spanish Association of Classical Music Festivals (FestClásica) to twelve Spanish composers: Fernando Buide del Real, Zulema de la Cruz, Gabriel Erkoreka, Miguel Gálvez-Taroncher, José García Román, Pilar Jurado, Marisa Stained, Hector Parra, David del Puerto, Mauricio Sotelo, Jesús Torres and José Luis Turina, to mark the double anniversary of the birth and death the brilliant composer and pianist Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909) in 2009 and 2010. Based on the twelve tracks that make up the original work, Una Iberia para Albéniz provides twelve looks possible landscapes of Spain today, from the perspective of personal aesthetic sensibility of the composers mentioned.With this initiative, FestClásica, not only does a more than justified tribute one of the most important creators in the history of Spanish music and international, but this project brings together several objectives of the Association: support for the current Spanish creation and dissemination in the field of member festivals and other festivals, institutions national and international, and the promotion of young performers.Una Iberia para Albéniz opens on November 28, 2009 at the Salon Cloister of the Diputación Provincial de Cádiz in the framework of the VII Festival Cádiz Spanish Music. Our thanks to pianist Juan Carlos Garvayo, who will perform this work by various members of the Association Festivals.This assignment is part of the overall business FestClásica which has the grant from the National Institute of Performing Artsand Music of the Ministry of Culture.


Luis Lopez de Lamadrid

President FestClásica